New Music New Theme New Lyrics – Motivational Themes A Unique Concept By YP Singh

The songs are great they are just awesome – Motivational Melodies – Such songs never heard before – just follow the link:

The director of popular realty film on Mumbai Police, ‘Carnage by Angels’, YP Singh has been unhappy with the type of music which is being played now a days. Such music has got a very short life because it contains, routine tunes, routine lyrics, and routine themes.

That is why what is being heard today are either remixes of old songs or new songs with typical lyrics and typical repetitive tunes.

So Mr YP Singh decided to do something different.

Mr. Singh found that if motivational themes are combined with soul stirring melodies excellent melodious songs could be developed.

And that is how the idea was born. Now, the Idea has started growing. Amazing songs bearing enormous tunes being uploaded in the YouTube channel from time to time.

Mr Singh plans to add at least one song every 15 days bearing such amazing melodies.

And that is why the songs sound so different and once you start listening you will not stop listening to these songs again and again. You will simply get hooked to these unique songs.

Some of the song topics which are been covered are ‘Difference between Voice of Conscience and the Voice of Mind’, ‘Freedom from Legacy Thoughts’, ‘Farewell to Depression’ and about the ‘Deceit of Politicians’.

So once you listen you will keep listening.

Follow the link:

Then, don’t wait …

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